Combine Harvester Sales in Ireland Soar

Combine harvester sales in Ireland rose by 50% year on year between 2011 and 2012 according to the Irish Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association.

The Statistics Service of Kildare-based FTMTA recorded a total of 80 sales of new combines in 2012 as opposed to 40 new sales in 2011. This compares to just 17 combines sold in 2010 in the whole of the Irish Republic.

Sales of telescopic handlers and tractors also grew strongly, but combine harvesters saw by far the strongest sales growth.

Last years very welcome leap in combine sales in Ireland bucks the overall trend in the Eurozone which was much flatter, with the best general sales growth seen by the big manufacturers in eastern Europe.

The leap in combine harvester orders in Ireland in part reflects growing confidence amongst the Irish farming community based on a better global outlook for soft commodities and rising farm incomes.