New Holland Launch Latest Generation CX7000 and CX8000 Elevation Combines

New Holland is marking the launch of its latest generation of CX7000 and CX8000 Elevation super conventional combines with a number of new refinements.

New Holland CX8090 Elevation Combine Harvester
CX8090 Elevation

Still the world’s most powerful strawwalker combine harvester delivering up to 490hp, the Elevation is known for good straw quality and very clean grain samples. In just over a decade, over 10,000 CX combines have been manufactured; a testament to its enduring global popularity.

“The CX range was launched in 2001, and today it is still the most powerful, highest capacity conventional combine in the world,” States Hedley Cooper, Head of Combine Harvester Product Management for New Holland. He adds encouragingly, “The introduction of our award winning Opti-Fan and Opti-Clean technology improves cleaning performance by up to 20% and will enhance the profitability of all farmers.”


The Opti-Fan system, standard on all models, compensates for the impact of uphill and downhill slopes on harvesting performance. The operator sets the fan speed on level ground and the system automatically adjusts it when the harvester goes up or downhill. When travelling on upward slopes the speed is reduced to ensure the material does not travel too quickly over the sieves causing losses, when tackling downhill gradients it increases the speed to prevent thick build ups. New Holland claim the system provides a better grain sample and reduces losses.


The Opti-Clean system is standard on machines specified with a self-levelling cleaning shoe. The company claim it improves cleaning performance by up to 20%. Opti-Clean optimises the stroke and throwing angles in the cleaning system for enhanced cleaning efficiency. The grain pan, pre and top sieves operate independently to optimise the cascade for increased capacity, and the longer sieve stroke and steep throwing angle keep more material airborne for enhanced separation.

Opti-Speed Strawwalkers

The CX7000 and CX8000 Elevation feature Opti-Speed strawwalker technology, which is exclusive to New Holland who claim that it can deliver up to 10% higher productivity. Opti-Speed automatically varies the strawwalker speed based on the field’s gradient. The operator selects from four pre-sets: wheat, maize, rapeseed and rice, and the Opti-Speed system takes care of the rest. When driving uphill, the strawwalker speed reduces to decrease the transport speed of the straw over the strawwalkers and when driving downhill, strawwalker speed is increased to prevent blockages. New Holland say the system is particularly beneficial for maize harvesting thanks to slower strawwalker speeds.

Larger Grain Tanks & Faster Unloading

Grain tank sizes have been increased. The CX8080 & CX8090 Elevation combines now benefit from a maximum 11,500 litre tank. This means combines can work longer without having to unload. Unloading speed now tops 125 litres/second, 14% faster than earlier models. The largest grain tank can now be emptied in just over 90 seconds.

SmartTrax Rubber Tracks

The in-house designed New Holland SmartTrax rubber track system is available on the CX7090, CX8080 and CX8090 Elevations models. The triangle structure reduces ground pressure by up to 57%, when compared to wheeled machines. The SmartTrax features positive lug drive to transfer maximum tractive force to the ground. The SmartTrax system is available in two track widths: 24” (610mm), for conformity with the 3.5 metre transport width restriction, and 30”(760mm).

High Intensity Light for Round the Clock Harvesting

In order to deliver at-a-glance harvesting efficiency, the entire range is equipped with the IntelliView IV, 26.4cm ultra-wide colour touchscreen monitor. This terminal enables operators to monitor and modify a whole host of harvesting parameters instantly.

Following extensive customer consultation, New Holland has introduced its most complete lighting package as an optional extra, improving the spread of light to the front of the combine by up to 55%. The two additional HID lamps light the full header, and an additional lamp illuminates the field ahead. Two halogen lamps are fitted to the rear shield, and cast a broad spread of light to enable operators to monitor residue distribution or straw flow from the rear of the combine. A further two lamps are positioned on the side panels, illuminating the rear axle and preventing operators from inadvertently driving over standing crop or valuable straw.

Operator comfort has not been overlooked thanks to the upgraded seat with deep cushions and extended fore-after adjustment to ensure operators of all sizes are comfortable. Finally, the optional, heated full-leather seat offers a touch of luxury for even the most demanding combine harvester operators.