New Holland Upgrade TC5000 Combines

New Holland have completely upgraded their TC5000 range of 5 Strawwalker combine harvesters to increase comfort and add extra harvesting features.

Already the market leaders in their segments, the TC5060, TC5070 and TC5080 develop between 175 and 258 harvesting horsepower. New Holland’s TC5070 and TC5080 combines are also equipped with ECOBlue SCR technology engines for Tier 4A compliance, reducing fuel consumption by up to 10%.

Hedley Cooper, Head of Harvester Product Management at New Holland sums up the changes, “We have completely redesigned the range, with many premium features including the all-new Harvest Suite Comfort cab, which will set the standard in this segment, multi-award winning Opti-Fan technology, together with the productivity boosting heavy duty Varifeed headers.”

Here’s just some of the latest innovations to New Holland’s TC5000 combines:-

Harvest Suite Comfort Cab

The Harvest Suite Comfort cab embodies what the company call ‘farmer-focused design’. Both the suspended cab and the air-suspended seat work to reduce vibration. The cab itself is 27% larger with a 23% increase in glazing area. At an impressive noise level of 74dBA, it promises quieter operation.

The redesigned right hand console contains all main controls to enable intuitive calibration of key harvesting parameters, including sieve settings. The ergonomic CommandGrip, familiar to users of the T6, T7, T8 and T9 tractor ranges, manages all header and unloading operations. The adjustable console can be positioned very precisely.

Six roof-mounted and two header lights illuminate the field ahead to maintain night time harvesting efficiency and safety. The all-important Bluetooth MP3 radio, removable cool box and full-sized instructor seat are fitted as standard.

InfoView II Monitor

The InfoView II Monitor, located on the A-Pillar, has been placed within the natural viewing arc so key parameters can be consulted while continually looking at the field ahead. The monitor’s slim-line does not compromise visibility. The monitor is divided into five sections, each displaying specific information including threshing settings and harvesting status including grain tank fill level and fuel gauges.

Award-Winning Opti-Fan System

The optional Opti-Fan system, also found on the flagship CX and CR ranges, compensates for the impact of up and downhill slopes on harvesting performance. The operator sets the fan speed on level ground and the system automatically adjusts it, sensing when the combine harvester goes up or downhill. When travelling on upward slopes the speed is reduced to ensure the material does not travel too quickly over the sieves causing losses, when tackling downhill gradients it increases the speed to prevent build-up of material on the sieves. New Holland claim this efficient system provides a better grain sample, reduced losses and maintains capacity in rolling field conditions.

SmartSieve Technology

The optional SmartSieve technology is best suited to harvesting on undulating terrain. The system automatically changes the throw angle of the grain on the sieve and can compensate for side slopes of up to 25% by preventing build-up of grain and straw. The manufacturer claims this increases cleaning capacity by up to 30% when working in heavy load conditions.

New Holland Styling

The new TC5000 models boast new distinctive styling, reminiscent of the flowing lines and iconic curves of the CR and CX combines which can only enhance the TC5000’s undoubted field presence.

Heavy Duty Varifeed Headers and up to 6400 Litre Grain Tanks

The 4.87 to 6.03 metre heavy duty Varifeed headers feature up to 575mm of knife adjustment, delivering increased crop-to-crop flexibility in all working conditions. The optional AutoFloat II technology automatically adjusts header height to follow ground contours, preventing bulldozing when travelling uphill and maintaining uniform stubble height when travelling downhill.

The grain tank size has been increased to 6400 litres on the TC5070 and TC5080 models. This means combines can work for longer without having to unload as frequently. An unloading speed of 72 litres per second ensures the largest grain tank is emptied in under 90 seconds flat.

Dual-Chop System

The Dual-Chop residue management system features a dedicated rake through which razor sharp blades pass. The finely chopped straw is then spread uniformly across the entire width of the header, making it ideally suited to no-till operations.

Precision Moisture Sensing

Advanced moisture sensing systems, available as an option, transmit real-time moisture readings to the in-cab monitor, useful in changing crop conditions. As you’d expect, the new TC5000 combines are also all pre-wired to fit the increasingly important Telematics Essential system.