New Holland Backs FIA Road Safety Campaign

New Holland Agriculture have teamed up with Iveco to back the FIA’s Action for Road Safety Campaign.

The FIA, the Paris-based International Automobile Federation, launched the scheme at Fiat’s Industrial Village in Turin to promote awareness and education of safer driving behaviour to help save lives on roads worldwide.

New Holland, the first manufacturer of agricultural machinery to support the scheme, will work closely to promote the FIA’s message of road safety.

Operator safety has always been a key commitment for New Holland. For example, New Holland Combine Harvesters are fitted on demand with extended visibility cameras. When hooked up to in-cab monitors, the cameras relay enhanced side and rear views to the combine driver, vital when working with wide attachments or long trailers.

Driving and operating modern combine harvesters requires complete calm and total concentration. New Holland design and build their agricultural equipment in the sure knowledge that operator comfort means enhanced safety.

Operator comforts such as air conditioning, climate control and radio with hands-free Bluetooth are already fitted as standard on many New Holland combine harvesters and tractors. In addition a range of angled xenon work lights assist safer night-time operations.

Likewise on the maintenance front, New Holland are equally committed to operator safety. Virtually all daily checks can be performed at ground level. Hood and guard opening is assisted by gas struts. In fact, the majority of adjustments to New Holland combine harvesters are now either fully automated or can be done quickly without tools.

New Holland Agriculture will further cement the firm’s commitment to the FIA’s Road Safety Campaign with a presence at this years FIA World Touring Car Championship.